While focusing on additions and renovations, our people rely on a solid foundation in carpentry. We believe that the lessons of the carpentry discipline translate into a successful business model. Attention to detail, thorough planning, and an appreciation for craftsmanship give us intentional, quality results on a consistent basis. We work diligently to provide an excellent customer experience where the finished products reflect our commitment to the highest level of quality in workmanship and materials. Each project is planned down to the finest details to insure that your project is delivered on time and within budget.


Mighty Oak Builders/Kitchens

We know that the kitchen is the center of a bustling household, and, it’s the place that you have the most opportunity to insert your style and tastes. We work with many suppliers to give our customers the opportunity to find the perfect combination of style, features and value for their projects. From design to installation, we work with cabinetmakers, appliance distributors and countertop fabricators to guarantee a seamless integration of the products you love. We have the experience necessary to turn your out-dated kitchen into a showpiece customized to your family‚Äôs functional needs and personality.

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Mighty Oak Builders/Bathrooms

When renovating a bathroom, we understand that there are going to be some ‘unexpected’ conditions such as rotten subfloor or a corroded valve. That’s why we always factor these items in on the front end: so you can concentrate on designing a bathroom that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations for years to come. We want to give each the customer the peace of mind that their bathroom has been assembled with the utmost care, so that years down the road it is still problem-free.

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Mighty Oak Builders/Additions

When beginning an addition to your home, we put our extensive experience in new construction to work. Many companies have the tools and know-how to build, however we distinguish ourselves because we are not satisfied unless your new addition feels as if it has always been a part of the home. For example, we search for brick that matches in color, size and texture. If necessary, we fabricate trim material to match the existing details. We tailor our construction methods to insure that floors and roof lines align perfectly. From the foundation to trim details, we want to create an extension of your home that expounds on the features that brought you there in the first place.

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Decks & Porches

Mighty Oak Builders/Decks & Porches

One of the reasons we love middle Tennessee so much is that the majority of the year can be enjoyed outdoors. With this in mind, we love taking the comfort of your family-room, and even kitchen, outside and creating a living space that is tailored to the way you live and entertain. Our carpenters take pride in working with an array of different materials which gives us the flexibility to deliver our quality craftsmanship to any budget or taste.

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