General Contracting


As a licensed general contractor, Mighty Oak Builders conducts all affairs with integrity and a commitment to the highest levels of service. Our practice is to always do what we say we will, when we say we will through consistent communication. As you undertake this endeavor,it is important to consider all aspects at the beginning to insure the final product is delivered to you on time, within budget and with the level of quality you expect. Failure to plan sufficiently can result in extreme delays, extra costs and an unsatisfactory finished product. It is our mission to surpass your expectations in every aspect as we seek to deliver a level of service rare in our industry.


Our design services are provided to you by an individual with a broad knowledge of architecture, fashion, livability and, most-often overlooked, construction cost. Creativity and adherence to style coupled with your vision of the finished product give us a design that works for you. We seek only to meet your needs, be it an initial brainstorming session or a foundation-to-fixtures detail of construction. Drafting services include initial consultations, preliminary schematics, and complete construction documents. In addition, we work closely with structural engineers, leaving nothing to guess regarding the integrity of foundations, framing, floor and roof systems.


Project management is a process that all too often begins too late in the game. Our goal is to get in as soon as you have decided to build, remodel or renovate. With the vision in mind, we establish a preliminary budget as a starting point. As experienced estimators and project managers, members of our staff work with you to find a practical price point. In order to do this, we meet with you to review construction documents and specifications. There are two critical aspects to address at this time: methods and materials. Our knowledge of construction practices, broad contractor base and adaptability allow us to determine the methods which will deliver a product on time, within budget, and of the highest quality. Additionally, our attention to detail results in the creation of construction documents vital to the success of the project. We can provide you with everything from budget-related checklists to room-specific finish schedules. Finally, we have strong relationships with engineers, surveyors and the like who can readily be called upon.

All documents, drawings, spreadsheets, sketches, engineering reports, etc that result from this process become your property. We will provide you with a project folder complete with itemized detail that you may use in any way you wish. Upon satisfactory completion, we will place a competitive bid reflective of the entire scope of the job. It is our hope that through our work together you decide that we are your builder of choice. Should this be the case, Mighty Oak Builders will work diligently to provide you with Service as Strong as our Name.

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